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Abstract Homes has completed new home building projects throughout the Vancouver area. Learn more about our custom home construction services, including our Energy Star projects.

How Are Home Builders Dealing With the Rise in Canadian Lumber Prices
Home builders are dealing with the rise in Canadian lumber prices as best they can. Home builders are using a combination of solutions while we all wait for the lumber and plywood prices to fall back to pre-pandemic levels. Learn their strategies here.
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If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you may be wondering about how to decide what to do for design of the exterior. Should you do something traditional? Contemporary? In this blog article we will give you some ideas to think about that may help you to make your decisions.
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Laneway houses are the hottest new trend to add living space in an increasingly crowded Vancouver. For significantly less than the cost of a new property and house, owners can create a second space for family, guests, or as a rental unit.
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