Time for a Kitchen Renovation?

by admin October 17th, 2017 in Kitchen, Renvovation
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Whether you prefer light or dark cabinets, neutral or warm tones, contemporary or traditional style - a kitchen renovation is a complex task. Large ticket items such as mill work and appliances will run you into the tens of thousands. It's important you choose a layout and design that matches your expectations AND budget. Often clients come to us with a much lower budget number in mind than what can actually achieve their desired look. Yes, there's several options to choose from when it comes to supplied materials and possible ways to help lower costs in the overall materials, but keep in mind there's time and cost associated with the intangible items such as project management, CAD design (drawings done by a professional) and installation labour. We often hear clients say "Can't we make things look high end but use cheaper materials?'. We feel this is not the best mindset to have. Going with something that 'looks' pretty but is manufactured by a big box store or a low end supplier will certainly compromise function and longevity. Even worse, these fixtures can have faulty wiring or parts that can become a fire or flood hazard. Essentially you want to do some research ahead of time by going to the supplier showrooms and asking the reps about the various manufacturing specs and warranty details. A little homework goes a long way in preventing future disaster.

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