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Advantages of a Laneway Home in Vancouver

There are many advantages to a laneway home in Vancouver or on the Lower Mainland, and more and more people are building them. Depending on your jurisdiction, there will likely be a limitation to the amount of square footage you can build. Your builder can help you figure that out.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of having your own laneway home.

Housing Density

Building a laneway home creates housing where this isn’t any. If your property cannot be subdivided, then you are able to create new housing on your property. In an area as sought after as the Lower Mainland, it’s an excellent way to create housing.

Property Value

A laneway home increases your property value because of the potential for income. Whether you want to rent out your laneway home or not, there is always the potential to rent it.


By having a laneway home, you can provide housing for family members or a caretaker in addition to the freedom of renting it to anyone else.


The added laneway home is a more desirable housing option than a condo because it offers more privacy to the tenant. This makes laneway homes particularly easy to rent out.

Professionals at Abstract Homes can help you if you are considering building a laneway home. We have extensive experience with this type of project in the Vancouver area, and can make the process an easy and pleasant one for you. Contact us at (604) 220-5665 if you would like to talk about laneway homes.

Abstract Homes and Renovations Inc., is an award-winning custom home builder based in Vancouver, British Columbia. With 30 years of experience, Abstract Homes builds and renovates homes on the Lower Mainland with efficiency, integrity, and quality in mind.

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