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Existing Conditions To Be Considered Before Starting Renovation Projects

What existing conditions need to be considered or addressed before starting a large renovation project depends on the scope of the project and your jurisdiction. However, there are some general things that your builder will consider if applicable to your project.


Where the existing water, electrical, and gas lines could play a role, especially if any digging is required. This is not hard to find out and is one of the first things a builder would look at before breaking ground.

Roof Structure

If you are making interior structural changes, then how the roof is designed may be important. The builder will want to know if walls can carry the loads for the roof, especially if you are removing or changing load-bearing walls.


What are the applicable bylaws in your area that cover your project, if any. For example, if you are building a new structure like a storage shed, there may be certain setbacks required from property lines.


Your builder will make sure that he or she can get the permits needed for the project and that the proper permits are in place before work starts.


If you have a septic field, and are adding on to a structure, the builder may need to know if the current field can sustain added water use.


If you are doing outdoor projects or building from the ground up, the grade of the property is important to know and may need to be adjusted. Where does water flow when it rains? Where do you want water to flow?

As mentioned at the outset, the existing conditions to be considered before beginning a project vary considerably with the project. Listed here, however, are the major considerations that every competent builder will look at first.

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