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How to Get the Most Storage Capacity in Your Kitchen Renovation

When you are doing a kitchen renovation, one of the considerations will be storage. Often homeowners will want more storage than they started with. Here are some of our best ideas for increasing the storage capacity in your kitchen.

Cabinet Height

One easy way to increase storage capacity is to have cabinets run to the ceiling. In this way, using the same footprint as before, you instantly have more cabinet to work with. You can have cabinets that are just extra high, or you can have separate cabinets that sit on top of regular-height cabinets adding an extra row of cabinets. This is a great use of otherwise wasted space.


If you have a pantry or are building one, keep in mind that pantries do not have to include only shelves. Pantries can contain cabinets, too. A few cabinets added to a pantry can make a big difference in adding more storage.

Kitchen Island

Make good use of your island—if you have one—to maximize storage. Islands can be designed to incorporate significant storage, sometimes with cabinets opening on more than one side of the island.


Depending on the design and the footprint, sometimes you can accommodate an overhead rack for hanging pots and pans. If you have enough wall space, racks can be custom fitted on a wall.

There is always the possibility of having a separate piece of furniture like a breakfront. And you can have bookshelves for cookbooks. Try thinking outside the box for how to use every inch of space. In your kitchen renovation, if storage is one of the main concerns, be sure to communicate that to your designer and contractor. They may have some interesting and novel ideas.

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