Project Management by Sandro Stefanucci

For Your Vancouver Custom Home Or Renovation

At Abstract Homes, we are TRUE custom home builders with a UNIQUE method of building that yields a better built home - unmatched in terms of providing you unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship.

About Our Process

Our pure project management system is an end-to-end process that we’ve created to build a luxury quality home. Hiring Sandro to manage your project is much less risky than doing it yourself from a financial perspective. We cover all the aspects of planning and building a new home – design, budgeting, negotiation of trades and actual construction. Together we work at meeting your needs and realizing your dream, on time, and within budget.

Our Cost Plus Construction Process

Our system features a cost plus, open-book tender process so that you know exactly, and to the penny, where every one of your hard earned dollars are going. We use an online project management system that allows you to log in to budget tracking, access all documentation and see the daily on site activities.

More than half of the work we do occurs before a shovel even touches the ground. Planning and preparation are key in order to ensure a high-quality construction that is on-time and on-budget. Some of the tasks we handle include:

  • Analysis of your land, well and septic requirements
  • Permits and documents that may be required by your lender
  • Optimizing your home on the lot including placement, orientation and accommodation of hydro/communications
  • Design and architectural services including complete home design, home plans, and structural engineering
  • Design optimization to save you money
  • Trial budgeting, to make sure the plan fits the budget
  • Professional tendering cycle for all tasks using our database of trades and services
  • Analysis of bid responses using an open book process so you know and understand all costs at all times
  • Creation of the final, locked-in budget

Once everything is defined we map the project and move on to the building cycle where we take care of:

  • Creation of the building timetable, trade schedules and statements of work
  • Site preparation and excavation
  • Well, septic, hydro and communications
  • Construction of the home using best practices
  • Ongoing site inspections to ensure quality of work and best practices
  • Coordination of all trades, material shipments and municipal inspections, right up to the day you move in
  • Ongoing management of schedule, budget and disbursements including approval of invoices from trades
  • Adherence to building codes
  • Conflict resolution if these should occur (e.g., if bad weather affects schedule)


*We also offer a Hybrid Fixed Price Construction Contract - Contact us for details.